Travel Insurance For Expats

A single of the difficulties of moving to a new country is that all of a sudden your favored on the internet sites are no longer able to service you. This is especially accurate of travel policies since as an Expatriate your favored supplier may have product sales restrictions that prevents them from selling in your new nation of residence. This is since countries legislations and restrictions on economic services that can be sold in their country, and the related fees and red-tape can be crippling.

Most travel insurance policies have a tendency to be nation or even area specific so if you are a non-resident residing in another country, it is unlikely that your typical company will be able to cover you. This is especially correct for British Expats since most Uk insurance companies don’t sell outside the United kingdom.

Most expats never feel they need travel cover when returning residence for holidays simply because they believe they are coated by the authorities supplied healthcare in the occasion they demand health-related treatment. And they would be very incorrect, because as a non-resident you are no extended entitled to it. A good instance are the British Expats simply because they are not entitled to the as soon as they move to another country. It always tends to make good sense to obtain travel insurance anyway because of the broad array of essential protection it gives travellers.

What you want is that has International Salability and:

Gives Worldwide Cover
Covers Domestic Travel most expatriates like to travel about their new country of residence.
Has Annual Travel Insurance to cover multiple trips.
Offers Medical Insurance For Trips back to the country of origin.
Are willing to transfer your Yearly Multi Trip Cover to a new coutry of residence in case you move or get transferred again.
Has acceptability with embassies and consulates as countries are escalating insisting on travel healthcare insurance for visa issuance.
Has cover for families, specifically for the multi trip policy.

Another essential element to take into consideration when purchasing a travel insurance policy is the variety of actions it covers, otherwise you can end up buying extra policies to cover these activities. Most insurance organizations do not publish the actions they cover so the best way to verify this is to list the actions you and/or your family likes to do when on holiday and then inquire the your insurance provider. Usually examine and understand your policy document.

Motorbike Insurance Picking a Level To Suit Your Needs

You have saved tough and you discover your self in that fantastic position of getting able to go out and purchase your dream motorcycle, but when you do this you will also want to feel about acquiring the correct type of insurance to go with your motorbike, as there are several businesses that supply good insurance you may well like consider a back seat for a second and contemplate what is the correct sort insurance that is for you.

There are in the industry 3 main sorts of insurance to contemplate, that of 3rd party, 3rd celebration fire and theft and totally extensive insurance. Every of them meets the authorized standards that are needed by English Law in the United Kingdom as possessing insurance for your motorbike is necessary. Each of these a few types of insurance have their benefits, but as like any type of insurance you pay out the larger the premiums the higher the quantity of cover you will obtain.

* Third celebration insurance is the least expensive kind of insurance you can acquire, and by its very nature will only cover you for the damage you or your bike may inflict to a third get together themselves or their house. Explaining this in a lot more detail, 3rd get together insurance will only in the occasion of an accident that is down to you, will only concern payment to the automobile that has been broken, and spend out for any for any health-related expenses to another individual. It will not pay out out anything at all for your health-related expenses if you are hurt, and it will not spend out for any harm that perhaps sustained by your motorcycle. Yet another element to bear in mind is that if your motorbike is stolen or catches on fire, this kind of insurance will not spend out monies to you.

* By opting for third party fire and theft will give you a greater amount of cover by really paying out out if your motorcycle is stolen or succumbs to fire This kind of motorcycle insurance has just acquired the edge in excess of third get together insurance, but still falls somewhat quick of providing complete coverage like a extensive 1 will do.

* Creating certain you cover all your alternatives is very best accomplished by acquiring hold of a extensive or totally comprehensive insurance policy, this motorbike insurance has all the benefits of the former two kinds talked about additionally the additional advantages that in the occasion you are injured the policy will spend out, and if your motorbike is broken in any way form or kind, via an accident which is your fault or if it is not, the policy will make certain that you will obtain a payout.

Choosing at which degree you want to take out insurance will often rely on individual circumstances, and whilst completely extensive insurance is the most costly, it offers fantastic peace of thoughts, but weigh up the advantages of 3rd celebration and 3rd party fire and theft, as based on how much you will be using your motorbike could have an affect on what type of insurance to choose.

Personal Finance Essentials – The 2 Most Essential Numbers You Require to Know to Grow to be Wealthy

How do you determine if you’re on course financially? Are there resources you use? Or do you just look at whether or not you are earning much more than earlier years? Personal finance fundamentals would most likely imply that just earning more is not a definitive gauge of economic advancement. There are literally a couple of numbers that you require to know at all occasions if you want to track your economic development. They are not only crucial to know, but also very crucial for monetary good results.

The two numbers you have to know for being financially productive are:

Your money movement – Are you utilizing a lot more than you earn?

Your net worth – Are you moving in the correct path?

Allow us look at each of these in greater detail.

Your income flow: The difference between how significantly you generate and how a lot you keep is acknowledged as money flow. Basically, it really is the flow of money. They say cash is king, but I’d personally say that income flow is in fact king. You see it is not what volume you make, alternatively its what amount you keep. Do not neglect, broke is broke. Earning $50, 000 /year and investing $70, 000/yr isn’t any different than making $20, 000/yr and spending $40, 000/12 months. If you don’t comprehend personal finance fundamentals then you are likely to struggle to manage your cash flow.

Your net worth: The straightforward definition of a net well worth is your assets (what you own) minus your liabilities (what you owe). Think of it as a economic compass. There are tons of totally free net well worth calculators accessible on the World wide web for free of charge. We also provide a not expense economic calculator if you click the link beneath. If your net well worth is continually increasing then you can assume you are on the appropriate monetary path.

If you keep these numbers available and revise them on a typical basis then you will ensure appropriate monitoring of your financial progress. I personally use these numbers to follow my progress on a normal basis. This is all component of personal finance essentials.


How To Double Your Earnings An Insurance Producer’s Guidebook To Enhanced Sales Overall performance Management

Is it conceivable that you, an insurance producer, could in fact control your very own sales performance, and, with enhanced sales efficiency management, double your earnings? Yes, it is. It’s not only conceivable, it really is attainable, if you happen to be willing to set specific, concrete and measurable targets and make them compelling enough to drive you to that finish. Right here is a 10-step manual to goal-setting and improved sales overall performance management. Adopt these goals as your personal. You won’t feel the outcomes they will produce for you.

Goal #1. Assess your abilities and abilities. Develop a list of the skills and abilities you have acquired through past perform expertise or training. Many effective insurance producers have had expertise in fields like marketing, consulting, product improvement and public relations. Focus on those places in which you have a high degree of competence. Integrate these expertise into your day-to-day product sales activities. Form them to fit your comprehension of the insurance product sales process.

Objective #2. Ask oneself why you want to double your revenue. If you happen to be in your late 20′s or 30′s, you might want to pay out off your residence or have cash in the bank when your wife quits function and you start a loved ones, or perhaps you just want to be capable to afford the way of life you have developed for oneself. If you happen to be in your 40′s, you might want to preserve your children in private schools or save enough money to put them via school. If you’re in your 50′s, you may want to spend off all your financial debt, purchase a second residence or conserve for retirement.

Goal #3. Meet with your sales manager/agency principal. Enroll them in the likelihood you have developed for oneself to double your earnings. Determine what their goals and expectations are of you. What do they want you to accomplish this year? What part do you play in the targets they have set for the agency? Make sure your goals align with theirs. Get a dedication from them that they will help what you hope to achieve. Let them see your passion and your desire to develop financially.

Aim #4. Practice the 80/20 Rule. Not every person is interested or qualified financially to obtain your items or solutions. Don’t waste time chasing after them. If there is no new business to be had from the bottom 80% of your accounts or no new prospects to be located, do not devote your time working these accounts. Continue to service them. Meet regularly with them and function to maintain and retain their company. But going forward, let go of the tiny things and replicate the big stuff – the stuff that received you your best accounts. These accounts are the ones you want to analyze and this is exactly where you want to devote your time. The best 20% of your accounts are likely to be producing 80% of your earnings. So who’s generating the most cash for you? Exactly where can you locate new prospects and new enterprise opportunities there?

Goal #5. Produce written services agreements. Do not slack off when it comes to consumer service. When your customers require you, they want to know you happen to be going to be there for them. If they acquire a new building, they want to know you can insure it. If they have a declare to file, they want to know you will report it. If they want more coverage, they want you to promote it to them for a great price. This type of service fosters trust which translates into a lasting enterprise connection. Take the top 20% of your accounts and put every of them on a composed service program to assure a substantial level of client support and to make certain that they will be maintained and serviced routinely. Set a goal to develop two written support agreements per week until all of your top accounts have a single. Going forward, set a objective to produce 1 of these agreements with each new account.

Goal #6. Master the art of generating introductions. When it comes to asking for referrals, timing is every thing. The most successful time to request for them is right right after you have made the sale or provided a valuable service for your client, like a composed service agreement. That’s when to start leveraging the leading 20% percent of your customers and get launched to who they know. Role play with fellow producers or your sales manager until you have the self-assurance to meet with your best clients and inquire for individuals introductions. Then strategize on what you want your client to say about you to the people you’re about to meet. Make these clientele your advocates – people who are inclined to go out of their way to suggest you to a friend, a co-worker or a enterprise affiliate.

Aim #7. Differentiate oneself from the competition, the “incumbent”. Commence now to think of your connection with your client as a connection made up of a few crucial players — the buyer, the seller and the “incumbent”. Function to not only be good at building up this connection, but to be even much better at beating the incumbent. The greatest way to do that is to differentiate yourself from the incumbent making use of your proactive services. These are the services that give your agency its aggressive edge and its service identity. Find out to define them as the ones not offered by the incumbent. The much more you can differentiate between your agency and the incumbent, the a lot more enterprise you stand to get. Grow to be an expert at pre-call method. You’ve been launched to a new prospect and have an appointment with them. Now, you prepare for the contact. Create your sales method before you meet with them, not following it. Think about the incumbent. Who are they? Why do they require you? What makes you distinct? What helps make you much better? What’s your competitive advantage?

Aim #8. Make better product sales calls. Build rapport swiftly and start leveraging your proactive solutions. Drive a wedge in between the incumbent and the client. By no means say anything at all damaging about the incumbent. As an alternative, help your clients see for themselves how they are getting underserved. For illustration, you could say something like, “Last 12 months when your agency did a claims evaluation, they probably looked at your loss runs and open claims and saw that your reserves had been as well higher and came up with a program to get them lowered. That way, you did not have to worry about more than-having to pay for your insurance. Have been you satisfied with how they handled that for you?” Much more than most likely, your consumer will say one thing like, “I do not bear in mind them performing that”. Correct then and there, you have just driven a wedge among them and the incumbent. You then can bridge the gap with your proactive services. Cross-selling is one of the best proactive services you can provide to a client. Capitalize on the opportunity to market much more items or multiple lines of insurance because, if you do not, you are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Aim #9. Set aside two hours a day to prospect. Make contact with your referrals inside of two company days or sooner. Have a method to keep track of them. Develop your very very own pipeline. If your agency does not already have a computerized consumer make contact with management system, convince your revenue manager or agency principal to obtain a single. Avoid the temptation to try to promote your product or services over the telephone. Each get in touch with you make is to create interest, collect info and make an appointment.

Goal #10. Set your own overall performance requirements. Start with tiny, specific goals when it comes to creating created support agreements, getting launched to important prospects, scheduling appointments or prospecting. Begin tiny, then advance to greater objectives like enhancing your closing ratio or increasing revenue. Produce a checklist or spreadsheet with your objectives plainly defined. Update the listing everyday. Right after completing a job or meeting a goal, cross it off the checklist. Add new targets to the list as they come to mind. Preserve this checklist as a visual record of your accomplishments to give you an additional sense of achievement and inspire you to complete the up coming goal.

Is it conceivable that you could manage your own revenue performance, and, with enhanced revenue overall performance management, double your revenue? Yes, it is, and, now that you have this ten-step manual to goal-setting, your probabilities of reaching this aim have in no way been much better. With enhanced revenue overall performance management, you will not only double your income, you are going to open the doors to greater economic freedom for your self and greater occupation good results within your agency.

Lifestyle Insurance Product sales Scripts That Get You the Policy

Have you ever walked spoken about lifestyle insurance to a person at a celebration? Following the typical pleasantries they request you what you do for a living. You mention insurance and your enthusiasm cannot be held back. You share with them the distinction among complete lifestyle, term and more. Right after just a handful of minutes they excuse themselves to get another glass of wine but you recognize that their glass was nonetheless total.

What happened?

Why didn’t they get thrilled about defending their family and loved ones? You pointed out how affordable and easy insurance is to get, why couldn’t they leap on board?

Whether or not you are at a cocktail get together or on the cellphone, most individuals do not understand why they ought to get life insurance. They undoubtedly don’t understand why they should choose you for their insurance requirements. Getting prospects to consider the leap and invest in lifestyle insurance is not about sharing with them the great benefits their loved ones will appreciate. It is not even about telling them it really is the responsible issue to do! In order to get much more people investing in policies, I invite you to consider the following.

Stop Telling – Cease telling individuals the advantages of insurance. Quit telling them they “ought to” get it also! Individuals don’t like to be told what they ought to, they like feeling as if they have made the correct choice on their own. Never even tell your prospects about the difference kinds of existence insurance, the terminology is too puzzling. As an alternative of telling them, just pique their interest on the benefits of insurance.
Inquire Interest Piquing Concerns – Life insurance can be a touchy topic. People don’t like considering about their mortality or what will occur when they are gone. Just before preying on their fears of what will occur, consider acquiring them to “see” the rewards without having telling them. For illustration, you could ask a prospect “would 1 million of coverage for $39 assist your loved ones in their time of need?” Or “what if it only took 15 minutes to find out how to safeguard your loved ones, would that be well worth your time?”. No selling, no telling, just interest piquing concerns that will deliver the worthy prospects to the front of the line.

Offering a lot more existence insurance policies isn’t usually about generating a lot more cellphone calls. When you put life insurance sales scripts into action that pique interest and get prospects to want to find out a lot more the greatest customers will consider action right now.

Discover 67 interest piquing concerns in my free 5 day (yes you can skip ahead) revenue course -

Understanding Personal Finance United kingdom

Funds is what helps us to meet our requirements. It is the determinant factor in practically everything in today’s lifestyle. You can cherish the charms of life if you have it. Now what if you lack satisfactory finance to meet your growing wants? No issue, personal finance is right here to assist you with financial help. Residents of United kingdom are benefited with its assistance and take it anytime required.

Personal finance of Uk can be rightly categorized in to two components namely secured finance and unsecured finance. To get secured personal finance, you require to spot any of your home as security in opposition to the loaned amount. This safety can be entitled as collateral which in turn acts on behalf of the borrower. Now, if you do not very own any property or if you are not in the mood of putting your home at threat, go for unsecured personal finance. This sort of finance lets you sense free of charge from the threat of repossession of house, which is really a lot common below secured finance in case of payment default.

Personal fianc can be opted by residents of Uk to meet any of their private requirements such as:

To renovate house

To finance schooling of youngster

To arranging a vacation in a tourist spot.

To meet day to day expanses and so forth.

Furthermore you can also go for personal finance to consolidate the increasing debts of a person.

There are a number of sources to get personal finance of United kingdom. But to get personal finance of Uk in the best way and with out hassle totally free loan lending method, go for World Broad Web. It offers you rapid entry to a number of lenders, who are serving the needs of borrowers for decades. Just by going to their web sites, you can take your choose and with the monetary support, you can easily meet all your wants.

Personal Finance in Japan

Traditionally the wives of Japan were accountable for the family’s finances. Many families these days nevertheless function on this principle. The lady of the home controls the family’s investing with absolute handle more than this kind of things as savings, children’s allowances, and even the allowance of her husband. This is beneficial in that it enables someone who has the time to manage finances, and preserve the husband’s entertainment expenditures below control. People who research Japan often speak about this in terms of gender quality in Japan. Ladies rule at home while guys rule in society.

Note that this is how items are traditionally completed in Japan. Several modern day Japanese households are much much more egalitarian, nevertheless the idea of allowances for adult family members members is very common. The “spend your self first” thought in which cash is separated into allowances, savings, and expenses has been typical in Japan for some time.

Now we’ll talk about some of the Japanese customs that facilitate preserving cash.

1st is the idea of the “hesokuri” which is typically funds that a housewife stores away with out the knowledge of her husband. She may use this to acquire stocks or other investments, she might conserve it for just in situation there is a family emergency. It could also be her very own unemployment insurance just in situation the husband gets laid off (or his organizations does a “risutora” or restructuring which permits even employees with “lifetime” employment to be launched). Basically the “hesokuri” is a semi-secret cost savings from which the family members can rely on when essential. It can serve the identical goal as a reserve of a few months pay, and also fits the idea of “forgotten” funds that a loved ones will not touch except in the event of extreme situations.

Credit score cards are now ubiquitous in Japan, however the most typical use is the “ikkatsu barai” which is to pay it off at the end of the month. Ikkatsu barai does not incur any interest. Ikkatsu barai is of program the default kind of payment. When one chooses to pay by “bunkatsu barai” or month-to-month payments the cashier typically would seem stunned. Most credit score cards in Japan demand double digit interest for bunkatsu barai use, so the downside of this is that if you take place to use the card this way the interest costs are fairly serious.

The third on my checklist of the common practices in Japan that facilitate healthy personal finance practices is the lack of personal checks. Bills are generally paid through a single of three strategies, automated withdrawal from a bank account, ikkatsu barai (the a single time payment pointed out over), and money payment at banking institutions or usefulness retailers. There are no checks, and therefore no bounced checks as well. Failure to pay a bill on time incurs strict penalties.

There are also several methods that housewives have typically employed their time and manage of the house finances and foods budgeting to save money for the loved ones. is really various from the way we do it in the United States. In Japan, there is an work not to waste, even if it requires much much more energy.

There are numerous other techniques that typical practices in Japan provide a helpful street map for preserving funds. Women who function just before marriage are typically expected to bring considerable savings with them when they wed. Males also tend to reside at house for some time prior to marriage. The commonality of the nuclear family also tends to permit young people the possibility to conserve a good deal of money before leaving the nest. The bonus spend system also aids families balance books as soon as or twice a year when a wholesome lot of funds is dropped into the bank account. Several credit cards and loans provide “bonus payment” plans which enable people to immediately pay out a big portion of the principle with their winter or summer time bonus spend. When a significant event takes place in a family, it is common for a company to pool money together to provide a income present in a fancy envelope. A marriage could net a money gift of anyplace from 10,000 to 50,000 yen (about $a hundred to $500).

Though credit score card and loan debt in Japan is an increasing issue, techniques to handle personal finances have long been a natural part of lifestyle in Japan. If one avoids excessive use of credit score cards, keeps a percentage of the paycheck as savings, sets sensible allowances, and holds onto a healthy-sized “hesokuri” a family members will be in a place to climate any unexpected conditions and have really no difficulty with personal finance management.

How to Select the Greatest Personal Finance Books

If you stroll into a bookshop today and go to the personal finance area, you can virtually locate hundreds of personal finance books on sale, every providing their ideas and tricks to resolving monetary dilemmas. And that’s only at the bookshop. If you go to Amazon, you will discover thousands on 1000′s. You are certainly spoiled for selection. So then how do you pick? This write-up will go through criteria which you can use to choose the greatest feasible personal finance books.

1. The first time you go to Amazon or a bookshop to appear for a guide, do not obtain something. It doesn’t matter if it is on sale at half-price, do not purchase anything. Just look at titles and authors and jot down the ones you discover interesting.

2. Following this, study info on the titles and authors you have jotted down on a paper. In particular, find what reviewers have been saying about every book. You can discover this kind of critiques on sites this kind of as Wikipedia. In addition, study the biography of the authors and see what they have carried out to make them authorities on the subject. You certainly don’t want to purchase a personal finance book from an author that has not been particularly financially successful themselves.

3. Inquire buddies or go to forums to see what other people think about each and every book and writer. It is no coincidence that the very best-selling books are the ones that spread the most by word-of-mouth. If a personal finance guide was certainly excellent, it would be flying off the shelves and all your pals would be speaking to you about it.

As you can see, by just making use of the over criteria you can boost your probabilities of buying the most exceptional and helpful personal finance books.

Homeowner’s Insurance and the Vacation Season

is flying by and the vacation season is already on us. For several of us, it is an very hectic time. A shopping frenzied population and everybody traveling about the nation make for a insane climax to the year. With all the hustle and bustle, several overlook to do some crucial things to shield their houses. Now many of the perils of the holiday season are coated below your homeowner’s insurance policy, but who desires their vacation interrupted with a require to make a claim? Beneath are 3 vacation perils your homeowner’s insurance would most likely cover, but could be prevented.

1. Frozen Plumbing. From New York to Las Vegas, frozen plumbing can trigger havoc. This can be effortlessly averted. Water freezes when warmth in the water is transferred to subfreezing air. The very best way to keep water in pipes from freezing is to slow or cease this transfer of heat. The best way to insure this is to preserve pipes within in which it is nice and cozy. For those of us in the Southwest, this might not be sensible. Insulation sleeves or wrapping for uncovered pipes is significantly less excellent, but can be an successful remedy.

2. Fire. Whilst I am a big believer in getting a real Christmas tree in my home, I recognize that this is a actual danger. Xmas trees can catch fire rather swiftly if they have been out for a although. With one thing so flammable in your home, make certain your electrical outlets are not more than worked. A surge protector can also be extremely important to make sure an electrical fire does not occur.

3. Theft. Several of us travel for the holidays and that leaves your home susceptible to theft. If “Residence Alone” taught us anything at all, it is that poor guys are viewing and waiting for you to leave for a week or two so they can have free of charge reign on your home. There are a range of issues you can do to protect your residence. Placing your lights and televisions on timers is a single cleaver way to make it look like you are nevertheless house. A centrally monitored alarm can also dissuade negative guys from targeting your home. If you have trustworthy neighbors, informing them that you are away can also supply additional safety.

While hectic, the holiday season is the most great time of the yr. Time spent with family and buddies is usually time effectively spent. Make sure you don’t have this great time interrupted with the hassles of a declare on your homeowner’s insurance. Adhere to the 3 suggestions over and you’ll be able to steer clear of some of the most frequent holiday mishaps.

Can You Preserve Your Spouse’s Wellness Insurance Following A Divorce


There are numerous well being insurance issues that could be ignored during a divorce, this kind of as:

1. Is the ex-partner nonetheless coated after divorce? For how extended?

2. Can a single get together cancel well being insurance coverage in the course of the divorce?

3. What about wellness insurance coverage for the youngsters?

It is a common misconception that a partner will carry on to be coated beneath their ex-spouse’s plan following divorce. In fact, the parties require to be advised that as of the date of the decree, the ex-husband or wife is no lengthier eligible for coverage.

Any healthcare remedy incurred, even even though the physician might treat you, will be back-charged at complete price since wellness insurance coverage ends on the date of divorce. If you want any healthcare treatment, get it prior to the divorce is in excess of, simply because you will have no coverage following that.

Employment lawyer Andrew Rempfer, Esq. was interviewed about the likelihood of continuation coverage right after the divorce. Mr. Rempfer noted that supplying continuing coverage for an ex-husband or wife is critically crucial to think about when crafting the divorce decree because an employer sponsored wellness plan could only provide COBRA coverage, which generally costs 102% of the complete premium expenses, and expires right after 36 months.

At times the party who carries the insurance will spitefully delete the soon to be ex husband or wife from the business insurance strategy, prior to the decree of divorce. If the partner who cancels the insurance operates for an employer with much more than twenty full time staff, then the employer could be violating state and federal laws for enabling the employee to get rid of a spouse from an employer wellness strategy prior to the decree of divorce.

Mr. Rempfer commented that, “beneath state laws, IRS Code Section 125, and ERISA, an employer cannot enable an employee to make adjustments (including canceling coverage) unless of course there is a COBRA ‘qualifying event’. A COBRA qualifying event consists of the end of the marriage by entry of the divorce decree, or legal separation. “In other phrases,” Mr. Rempfer noted “the employer can’t eliminate the partner from the employer-sponsored health plan till after the divorce or legal separation is finalized.” Failing to comply with this could render the Strategy in violation of ERISA and COBRA.

If a husband or wife does cancel insurance coverage in the course of divorce, and the other spouse, relying on such coverage, incurs health-related expenses, it could be argued that the medical financial debt incurred, if incurred prior to a signed divorce decree because one spouse canceled coverage, the financial debt ought to be the cancelling spouse’s sole financial debt. Any healthcare expenses incurred right after divorce, even if one spouse believes there was coverage, would be that person’s sole financial debt.

Pursuant to state law, parents need to provide wellness insurance coverage for their youngsters following divorce. As a result, Mr. Rempfer noted, it is essential that the Court’s divorce decree clearly set forth who bears duty for continuing health care coverage for any kids. In a ideal planet, the child would remain on an employer-sponsored wellness program, and thus not be subject to COBRA. In reality, if geography or other special family dynamics might make this impractical. In that event, there might be no option but to look for COBRA, and those added fees associated with COBRA must be addressed in the divorce decree.