Factors That Figure out Your Car Insurance Policy Charge

It is a fantastic factor to very own a automobile. In reality, owning a automobile has been deemed as one of the American dreams. Nonetheless, you can not appreciate driving a car except if you have an auto insurance coverage in case an incident or an accident takes place. Driving a vehicle with out insurance is really dangerous and could cost you tons of money as an personal. It is for this reason that insurance companies had been established to help car owners pay out for damages in instances of vehicle accidents. If an individual was to spend for the damages themselves, they would have to portion with plenty of cash which most likely they do not have.

When you decide to get an automobile insurance policy, there are some issues that figure out what charge you will be given and the premiums you will have to pay out in order to get a good charge for the insurance policy. We will look at some of these issues in this article.

The kind of automobile you drive is one determining factor of the insurance price you will get. If you have a flamboyant and glamorous vehicle, be ready to pay fairly a bit on it. The reasoning behind this is that in situation there is damage or theft the insurance company will have to incur a substantial expense fixing the damages or replacing the car. Not only does the kind of car matter but the situation and state of the identical. The mileage of the automobile is also a identifying aspect when obtaining premium rates for car insurance policies.

Yet another factor that determines the insurance charges of a vehicle is the information about the driver. Info this kind of as name, age, place of residence, criminal record, among others plays an essential function in knowing what price to use for auto insurance policies. For example, youthful people aged among 18 and 25 could have to pay out high premium rates since they are recognized to drive cars actually quick. This indicates that they are at a greater danger of creating accidents and therefore, the insurance organizations have to compensate for this by charging high premiums. If you have been charged with a DUI (driving under impact) offence prior to, you might also have to spend rather some funds for your car insurance policy.

If your automobile has protection functions this kind of as an alarm, the insurance price will be decrease. Adding security functions implies that your automobile is at significantly less threat of becoming stolen and insurers will give you a good rate for an insurance policy.

The above are a couple of factors that figure out the rates of your car insurance policy.

Personal Finance – Private Budgeting Computer software

A great deal of individuals like to use Excel to do their personal finance budgeting. If 1 was interested in making their spending budget this way they would require to be relatively skilled in Excel. If you do not have good Excel expertise there is still hope for you.

There are several private price range software templates obtainable on the Internet that are free. If you go to Google and do a search for “individual budgeting software” there will be a entire listing of potential templates. Of course if you select to go with a totally free template/program it will need a tiny a lot more perform on your part. No issue with this at all even though, like I stated, I go the totally free route myself.

If you have decided that you would like to be much more severe and skilled about your personal financial price range then I propose you invest the tiny volume of money ($15-$60) and find professional individual economic budgeting software program.

I have include one exceptional budgeting software program plan that I propose everyone gets.

Quicken Deluxe Personal Economic Budgeting Computer software

Positives: Quicken private monetary advising software applications have some of the most complete and skilled individual monetary budgeting sets out there. These plans are really great, give you any instrument you could imagine, and fast aenlso offers good help/updates. These are by far the most full and well identified products available.

Negatives: Much more costly that other private economic budgeting software plans out there.

Now that I have provided you information about what a Personal Finance Spending budget is and also have shown you an exceptional private economic budgeting software program you have completely no excuse not to get moving on this.

Make sure you do the intelligent and either commence your own totally free individual financial price range via Excel or make the little obtain of a budgeting computer software system that will spend for itself hundreds of instances over.

If you plan to consider handle of your finances when do you program on doing it? 8 months from now? 1 year? 6 years? If you can do it then why cannot you do it today? Give yourself the peace of thoughts and start these days.

Personal Finance – Providing The Greatest Of Finance

There is absolutely nothing incorrect if a particular person is looking forward to avail economic aid. It is done to conquer the income deficiency which may take place whilst meeting some needs. In this regard, the very best finance obtainable in the market at present is none other than personal finance. These finances are really straightforward to get and can be borrowed as per your requirement.

As the identify refers, the volume derived under the finances can be used to cover costs on various personal requirements. For instance, the quantity can be employed for residence renovation, going for a vacation with pals and relatives, consolidating debts, wedding ceremony expenses, and so on.

You can acquire the finances in two options i.e. secured and unsecured. The secured alternative of the loans is approved towards an asset. The asset acts like a protection for the authorized amount. The quantity obtained below the finance is largely based mostly on the equity worth of collateral. it is due to the collateral that secured choice of the loan has a minimal interest charge. On the other hand, unsecured option of the finance can be can be accessed without having involving any collateral. This means literally it is nearly risk totally free. Furthermore, the finances are really much well-liked amongst borrowers like tenants and non home owners.

Beneath the secured alternative of the finances, you can acquire everywhere in among 5000-75,000 or more. The repayment phrase for the finances spread s over a period of 5- 25 many years. Unlike secured alternative, unsecured choice offers a small quantity which anyplace in in between 1000-25,000 for a repayment period of 6months- 10 a long time. so, depending on your need and requirement, you can opt for any one of the two options obtainable.

In fact borrowers with negative credit score this kind of as CCJs, IVA, arrears, defaults and so on can also apply for the loans. Nonetheless, the price of interest will be somewhat larger. But favourable rates can be obtained by effectively researching the market. To get far better marginal charges, you can also use the on the internet alternative. By collecting the totally free estimates and then comparing will definitely aid you to locate minimal rate lenders.

Personal finance provides monetary assistance which allows a borrower to fulfill demands as per his need and requirement.

Latest Innovations in the Automobile Insurance Market

Insurance businesses have in no way had a popularity as the most revolutionary group when it comes to changing and upgrading their providers and the way do business in general, which would help them turn out to be much more accessible and much more appealing to customers. That is only partly their fault, simply because insurers have been minimal in their ventures to invest in innovations by stringent government regulations, and have been forced to work inside the tight frame the state has provided for them. That’s why they haven’t been in a position to offer a great deal of new goods and solutions.

Nevertheless, there have been attempts by a number of car insurance businesses that have been making an attempt to maintain up with the advancement of engineering and incorporating new suggestions. One such new thought is the spend-as-you-drive insurance. This concept essentially enables customers to pay for insurance primarily based on how significantly distance they have covered with their vehicles. In addition to the miles a driver travels, spend-as-you-drive requires into account how well and where you drive, as well. This implies that the less you drive your car, the lower your premium can get. You can also get decrease premiums if you drive much more typically in the course of the day, rather of at night or during rush hour, which is deemed to be a more risky time.

This is designed to advantage people that do not drive as well much, and only use their vehicles out of necessity, for instance to go to work or school, and don’t strategy on ever going off-street. The mileage covered with your car can be calculated by the insurer making use of the odometer studying, or with the aid of a gadget that is plugged into your car, which measures the traveled distance, and even the way you break. The pay-as-you-drive concept could deliver a good deal of advantages not only to vehicle insurance purchasers, but it would possibly help minimize pollution, and minimize visitors congestion.

Other innovations that the car insurance business is beginning to embrace is the usage of mobile apps that allow you to file a declare by way of your smartphone, as well as apps that serve for paying out bills or acquiring insurance quotes. These innovations goal to supply consumers with far better and more efficient service and give them the chance to report claims 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and get updates on their rates at any time.

If these emerging principles show to be excellent and efficient and supply clients with far better, more affordable and more sensible , we can count on to see even more innovations in the vehicle insurance industry in potential many years.

Best 10 Personal Finance Myths

Sadly, one of the factors that will stop many folks from turning into financially productive is their own false beliefs about funds and their private finances. Consider a look at my leading 10 funds myths, and hopefully you can stay away from the effects of believing in them.

1. If I get a increase that bumps me into a greater tax bracket, I will really consider house much less cash.
Buzz – Incorrect! Moving into a greater tax bracket only raises the price of tax paid on the last dollars you earn. For example, let’s say you’re filing single, your old salary was $40,000 a year and your new wage is $43,000 a year. According to the Canada Revenue Agency’s 2010 federal tax price schedules, when your salary was $40,000, your federal marginal tax rate was 15% and now with a salary of $43,000, your marginal tax charge is now 22%.

The key to unlocking this personal finance myth is the definition of the word “marginal.” In this situation, your first $40,970 of income is still taxed the same way it was prior to you acquired your raise. With a $40,000 earnings, your take-residence spend was $34,000 ($40,000 significantly less 15% in federal tax). If you make $43,000, you will consider house right after federal tax a complete of $36,407.90. This is simply because it is only the extra $2,030 above $40,970 which is taxed at the 22% – not the whole $43,000.

2. Renting is like throwing away cash.
Do you contemplate the cash you spend on meals to be thrown away? Or, how about the funds you spend on gasoline? The two of these costs are for products you buy regularly that get consumed and on the surface they appear to have no lasting worth, but they are eventually essential to carry about everyday activities (except if you can walk or consider the transit all over the place). Rent cash falls into the same category.

Even if you personal a residence, you nevertheless have to “throw away” funds on costs like property taxes and mortgage loan interest (and probably more than you had been throwing away in rent). In fact, for the 1st five many years, you are basically having to pay all interest on your home loan. For illustration, on a 25-year, $300,000 mortgage loan at 5% interest, your initial 60 payments would complete about $105,000. Of that you “throw away” about $71,000 on interest payments and you only place $34,000 into equity of your residence.

3. You often get what you pay out for.
Higher-priced products are not usually higher high quality. While there is occasionally a correlation between cost and top quality, it is not always a exact correlation. A $2 chocolate bar might be tastier than a $1 bar, but a $10 bar may not taste considerably different from a $2 bar. When determining an item’s correct worth, look past its price tag and examine the accurate indicators of worth. Does that generic Tylenol quit your headache? Is that home effectively-maintained and positioned in a excellent neighborhood? When doing a appropriate analysis, you will know when paying the greater cost is worth it or alternatively, when it is not (and you are going to be on your way to comprehending the concepts of worth investing).

4. I don’t have adequate money to start investing.
It really is accurate that some brokerage firms require you to have a minimal amount of money to invest in specific mutual funds or even to open an account. The reality is, it is simple to commence investing with extremely little money thanks to on the internet savings accounts. While standard financial institution savings accounts typically supply interest rates so low that you would barely discover the interest you accrue, an on the internet cost savings account will supply a a lot more competitive rate primarily based on how the marketplace is at present performing. As of April 2010, it is frequent to discover online banking institutions supplying 1-2% interest. With current news that interest prices in Canada will be going up, we could be in the 3% range within a 12 months or so. A 3% return is a quite good return on your minimal-danger financial savings account investment when you contemplate that stocks historically return an average of 7-10% yearly. Also, some on the internet cost savings accounts can be opened with as little as $1. As soon as you are in a position to start investing in stocks and mutual funds, you can transfer money out of your online savings account and into your new brokerage account.

Alternately, you could open a brokerage account with minimal funds by means of 1 of the online buying and selling organizations that have cropped up. Nevertheless, this could not be the best way to start investing simply because of the charges you are going to pay out each and every time you obtain or redeem shares (generally $10 – $30 per trade).

5. Carrying a stability on my credit score card will improve my credit score.
Carrying a stability and paying out it off slowly does not show your credit worthiness. All this will do is take money out of your pocket and give it to a credit score card company in the kind of interest payments.

If you want to use a credit card as a instrument to improve your credit score, all you really need to do is spend off your stability in full and on time each and every month. If you want to take it a step further, do not charge a lot more than a little percentage of your card’s restrict since the amount of obtainable credit score you have employed is another element involved in the calculation of your credit score score.

6. Residence ownership is usually the very best way to invest your cash.
Just like all other investments, residence ownership requires the risk that your investment could decrease in value. Whilst commonly cited stats say that housing appreciates at someplace among the rate of inflation and 5% per yr, if not a lot more, not all housing will enjoy at this price. Owning a house is a main obligation and there are less difficult methods to invest your funds, so don’t acquire a home except if you are attracted to its other benefits.

An additional element is the psychological element – I when heard a partner of a huge accounting firm say that he credits a lot of his wealth to the reality that his mortgage payment is “forced financial savings.” So, that’s true.. if you don’t believe you have the discipline to invest the funds you save from not having a home loan… you are probably not going to be better off financially.

7. “I will conserve much more later when I make a lot a lot more cash.”
That is just an additional excuse for not preserving, in fact, that is a really lame excuse. Claiming that a higher revenue will be your source to excellent financial habits, is merely lame. You can need to consider control of your personal finances, now… not later.

8. The stock industry is tanking, so I should promote my investments and get out npw prior to issues get any worse.
When the stock marketplace goes down, you should truly keep your cash in the industry. This way, you can trip out the dip and ultimately promote at a revenue. In reality, stock market lows are a great time to invest even much more. Several seasoned investors contemplate a decline in the industry to be a “sale” and consider benefit of the opportunity to pick up some valuable investments that are only going through a short-term dip. You may want to do some reading on Benjamin Graham or Warren Buffet – who are both proponents of this method. A typical expression out of Buffet’s mouth is “Be fearful when other individuals are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”.

9. Timing the market is simple
You often hear effective stories of individuals who have timed the industry and have created fortunes. We rarely hear of the 1000′s who time the industry but drop fortunes. Research and reviews show that marketing timing does not perform for 95% of us, unless you have money to burn off, don’t try to time the markets.

10. I’m young – I don’t want to worry about conserving for retirement however… or, I am old – it really is as well late for me to begin preserving for retirement.
The younger you are, the more many years of compound interest you have ahead of you. Compound interest is like free money, so why not consider advantage of it? A person who begins conserving and earning interest when they are young won’t require to deposit as significantly funds to end up with the identical quantity as someone who starts preserving later on in life, all else being equal.

On the flip side, you shouldn’t worry if you’re older and you have not started conserving however. Of course, your $100,000 nest egg might not develop to as much as a 20-yr-old’s by the time you need to use it, but just simply because you could not be able to turn it into $1 million does not mean you shouldn’t consider at all. Each additional dollar you invest will get you closer to your targets. Even if you happen to be close to retirement age, you won’t want your whole nest egg the minute you hit 65. You can nonetheless put money away now and make a substantial sum by the time you want it at 70, 80 or 90.

Equine and Farm Insurance – Why You Should Insure Your Horse and Farm

Just as you safeguard your house and its assets, there are several causes to insure your farm and its property. While horses represent loved animals amongst several owners and their households, they can also be huge monetary investments. From illness and injuries to liability problems, beneath are the various sorts of equine/farm insurance and a handful of factors why you must consider investing in them to protect your horse and farm:

Equine Health Insurance aids finance surgeries and other main healthcare expenditures. Like their riders, horses can also experience from sudden health-related issues, and the price of surgical treatment can be unaffordable. Horse health-related insurance will aid you avoid a economic burden in the unfortunate occasion that your horse turns into challenged by medical problems or needs significant surgical treatment.

Equine Mortality Insurance can help you cope with the death or theft of a loved horse. The emotional burden that final results from the reduction of a loved animal is tough enough to manage alone, so having to be concerned about struggling a considerable monetary reduction as well will only make issues worse. Though your horse and its sentimental value might never be replaced, horse life insurance will assist ease the pain by reimbursing you for the death or theft of your horse.

Farm Liability Insurance is required to decrease liability dangers involved in your horse operation. An equine liability policy is required for activities like boarding, training, horse exhibits, and riding instruction. Irrespective of whether or not you provide daily riding lessons or occasionally care for a friend’s horse, it is important to protect oneself with farm or equine liability insurance.

Farm Home Insurance addresses your barn, sheds and machinery associated with the farm. Even though farms are typically linked to houses, a normal homeowners insurance policy doesn’t usually cover a barn and its contents. Consulting your independent insurance agent to make certain that your barn and its assets are protected is a great place to begin.

Loss of Use Insurance protects against your horse’s loss of worth. Although several people contemplate their horses beneficial buddies irrespective of their skill ranges, a disabling damage suffered by a horse meant to execute in horse exhibits or races can be financially troubling. Loss of use insurance will shield your horse in the unfortunate event that he/she suffers a disabling injury.

Regardless of whether you purchased a pony to fulfill your daughter’s birthday wish, or invested in a skilled horse to compete with, there are several causes to safeguard your self and your horse with insurance.

Factors to Preserve Your Personal Finance Separate from Your Company

1 of the least understood of little company concepts is how to keep your personal finances separate from the business’s monetary figures. Maintaining them separate is not about rigid needs but more about maintaining an attainable comfort level. It isn’t your comfort both you want should be concerned with. It is the comfort level of the auditors at the IRS you ought to be most concerned with trigger they adore absolutely nothing more than clear enterprise information.

It is as easy as this sort of thinking: If your information are clean, your audit will be simple. Separate business and private accounts keeps the IRS meticulously targeted on the tax audit they have been assigned to do. When you have enterprise and personal funds in 1 account, individuals same company information are now suddenly right out in the open prior to an auditor who could uncover difficulties quite to what they were looking for. Here are some ways you can keep them separate:

Your enterprise is a pastime – There are numerous federal and state authorities policies that stipulate only companies are permitted to deduct company costs. Now let’s say your enterprise is much more of a hobby and not a indicates to make substantial money. You may have a challenging time telling the authorities that you are certainly working a company and not a side hobby. Many business owners compound this problem by utilizing a individual bank account too.
Tax season is a nightmare – Your accountant might dislike you much more for this cause since it leads to fairly the mess. If you are a little company owner it is important that you maintain your private finances separate from the company. This consists of all types of transactions. The cause why your accountant will actually dislike you is since by not separating them, you generating an awful lot of work for him to figure every little thing out.
Restricted audit paper trail – While it is advised that you preserve all your company and personal finance accounts separate, that does not imply you want to preserve all your information and paperwork separate. You nonetheless must, however. Everything you have on file needs to be accurate, full, permanent and displaying a clear record of income and deductions. The final thing you want is a jumbled mess that brings about nothing at all but IRS problems for you. Maintaining separate business statements and information from your personal account establishes a clear audit trail.
Lack of expert attitudes – The only way individuals will consider your business seriously is if you do too. Accept checks produced out to the company and not your very own personal title. This establishes a divide among you and your company.
Forgotten deductions – Do not even get me began with the catastrophe which will be your account statement. Carrying out all of your small business banking on your personal account turns into a mish mash of various transactions. You then want to invest time decipher which goes to what account. You run the threat of miss deductions you are entitled to. This type of record keeping will expense you more in time, cash, and missed deductions.

This is What Innovation Looks Like

Innovation is often overlooked for the status quo. People find themselves trapped in an uncreative world, accepting things for the way they are. But without innovation and change, the world would find itself back in the dark ages. It’s the market changers, the out of the box thinkers that ensure progress.

That’s why in 2012 Real Business partnered with quick loan provider Wonga.com to create Future 50, a list of extraordinary businesses that have created something new and different.

Take a look at the companies that have changed the game.

  • Streetbank – Streetbank is an online forum that allows people to share or borrow from their neighbors, creating a real community within a neighborhood. New users sign up by choosing their postcode and listing one item or service that they are willing to part with. Then they’re able to search the site for others that may be able to benefit them. Streetbank isn’t a platform designed for people to profit or sell their products. It’s for the common good, and it allows new neighbors to connect and assist each other in ways unheard of before.
  • TreeGreen – With the world’s new fascination with renewable energy and energy-efficient products, TreeGreen chooses to specialize in ‘energy intelligent environments,’ creating products that use as little energy as possible. TreeGreen found success when they produced the engergyEGG, an appliance used to turn forgotten appliances off automatically. Future ventures from this company include utilizing solar power.
  • Flossie Crums – As online courses continue to grow in popularity, even among children, Flossie Crums seeks to entertain children while educating them. Online courses on baking and cooking are presented by Flossie Crums, a seven-and three-quarter year old girl who is the Royal Baker in the Kingdom of Romolonia. Her tales emphasize cooking and baking skills as well as teaching children the importance of good nutrition.
  • WhipCar – WhipCar, started in 2010, allows users to register as car owners or renters for free. Car owners are able to rent out their car for low prices, typically earning more than £1,000 a year. Those looking to rent often face much lower rental rates than you would see at a rental car company, so both parties emerge winners. WhipCar reminds its users of the fact that about a quarter of UK households don’t own cars and there are just some times when cars are needed instead of public transportation. Now people have the option of borrowing a the car next door.
  • Polestar – Polestar changes the world of mobile charity by offering an easy to use platform for people to search, donate to, and share charities. Users can donate via text messages using PayPal, and charities are encouraged to send ‘push’ messages on a daily basis to be shared through Facebook, Twitter and email. Polestar also allows users to sign up for their own accounts as an easy way to fundraise. After being given a link, fundraisers can easily share their donation page with friends and family from the comforts of their home.

What businesses have you seen that are changing the way the game is played?

Ideas to Save Funds – Personal Finance Basics

There are lots of simple ideas to save funds when dealing with personal finance fundamentals. Some are somewhat more time consuming than others but in spite of that reality it is entirely really worth what time it might take. If you only follow a single or two of the following tips you could preserve hundreds of dollars each 12 months.


There are a lot of sites that provide free of charge samples for each day goods. Even the massive retailers such as K-Mart or Petsmart have fantastic opportunities for daily people to get free products. These products range from skin moisturizers and shampoos to frozen food or bathroom items. Yet another alternative is to pay a visit to a manufacturer’s site to locate these totally free samples on brand new products. If you require some thing, sort ‘free sample’ into Google before you go to the retailer to buy it. This is the starting of mastering personal finance fundamentals.

Change Credit CARD Spending AND Habits:

Credit score cards can be wonderful but can be dangerous. With substantial interest charges and monthly charges, credit score cards might wind up costing you a lot much more in the future than you expected.

My principles of thumb:

- often use cash unless its for a main purchase

- be particular you are capable to pay for the item before you use a credit score card

- be positive you can spend the stability of your credit score card

Stay away from IMPULSE BUYS:

Everyone has had to push a buying cart via the aisles of the grocery retailer and the moment we get to the verify out we have double the amount we planned to get. Often, often, always create a buying listing, adhere to it and in no way obtain something which is not on that listing. This must include any type of purchasing like wardrobe, food or entertainment. Retail outlets are mapped out particularly for impulse buys with candy racks and gum inside straightforward reach. Make your list, check it twice, and adhere to it.


This is another personal finance basics rule but don’t confuse this with an impulse buy. You have your listing and know what you require, so examine the sale show prior to you shop. Chances are you will locate that said item on sale and pay out half the typical price. Meals retailers operate the exact same way. They usually in excess of order products and are forced to run unadvertised specials on overstock things. Just make sure the item is on your list.

Save YOUR Hard EARNED Money:

This could be the hardest factor you have to do when money is tight, but it just might be the most essential phase to take. According to the guide ‘The Wealthy Barber’ you ought to save ten per cent of your paycheck every month. That could not sound like significantly but it will add up instead quickly and if wisely invested it will help your retirement down the road.

Save YOUR Alter:

This could sound a small silly but this small tip is a excellent 1. How? Because in some way’s it’s like discovered cash. Following you come house from the store place any loose change into a jar. Every month or each couple of months count up the alter, roll it up and deposit it into your financial institution account or reward oneself to a well deserved evening out. These are the personal finance basics you realized when you were really young.


We have already touched on shopping but I have yet another shopping tip that mainly applies to getting grocery’s. Buy in bulk. If you drink a great deal of fruit juice and you see that it is on sale at half price, acquire four instead than two or buy the 24 pack of water instead of the smaller sized 12 pack. This may look simple but a lot of people do not make bulk buys on each and every day items.


I know this may well make you feel like your grand parent but this is yet another great way to conserve a lot of money. It only requires a few minutes each and every week and you can end up conserving hundreds of dollars every yr on items you have been already going to purchase. Go via your neighborhood newspaper or examine on the internet for some incredible coupons.


This is a fantastic way to ‘Go Green’ and it will save you money also! Lots of stores are now generating you spend as significantly as 10 cents for plastic bags. Possibilities are you have about 1,000 concealed away in your closest previously. Couldn’t you just deliver them to the store and use them once again? Another way to recycle and preserve funds is to use these plastic bags from the shop in your garbage under your kitchen sink or in the bathroom. You don’t have to devote $5 each and every month on a box of kitchen garbage bags when you currently have them at house.

These simple tips will save you tons of money and they are easy and may well even be enjoyable. It is usually gratifying to know that you have began to consider the first actions to becoming free from debt. By cautiously following these tips to preserve money you are one your way to comprehending the personal finance fundamentals all of us should know.

Planning permission and the workplace

This article tells you about how planning laws may affect you as an employer, or as a business owner.

Planning and businesses

Some businesses are utterly unaware of planning laws and requirements, and this can be a recipe for disaster in any workplace. Making unauthorized changes to premises can be penalized by planning authorities and in a worst case scenario you may be required to apply retrospectively for planning permission, or face the possibility that the change you have made in your premises must be reversed through demolition or structural changes to business premises. This can lead to cash flow problems for business owners who can be forced to turn to business funding options from sites like wongaforbusiness.com in an emergency.

The Planning Service

The Planning Service is the body in the UK, responsible for enforcing planning laws and processing claims for planning permission. This is your first port of call if you have a query about the enforcement or application of planning rules and regulations as a business owner.

What you may need planning permission for

Planning permission may be required for any major changes in the use of premises, or for structural changes to buildings like outhouses and houses. If you want to use a shop as office premises for example then you will probably need to apply for planning permission. This is known as applying for permission to change the use of a business premises. When processing planning permission applications the Planning Service will take account of how the change in use might affect the public or neighbouring properties. For example, if you want to set up offices in a building previously used as a shop, the Planning Service will take account of the impact this change may have on neighbouring properties, especially if these are residential properties. Neighbours might be subject to increased noise, car fumes, and other possible interference and in these cases the Planning Service have to balance the needs of the applicant against the wellbeing of those who will be affected by the change.

Using your home as a workplace

Using your home as a workplace can be very complicated. When you are considering whether to use your home as an office you need to take account of how this might affect your neighbours or indeed the structure of the building concerned. You will need to decide whether you need to make a planning application to use your home as a workplace.

Insurance and using your home as a workplace

Using your home as a workplace might be prohibited under your current home insurance policy. This means that you might need to take out separate business insurance cover for your home and this can be costly.

Health and safety when using your home as a workplace

If you are running a business premises from the home you are still required to comply with health and safety laws. This means you need to carry out a risk assessment of the risks involved in admitting people to the property in the course of your work, or even as employees.